<Help> i can't get rid of a bsod

Clean install Windows on a new drive. A cheap SATA SSD would be perfect. If that runs fine, your main components are probably fine and we can focus on drives.

You have a backup of everything important?

Use a mainstream ISO and test with that.
Try a Windows 10 ISO or Windows 7 ISO.

i have nothing important on the computer, all in a nas. it just take time to get configure and install the software i use. but sadly i don't have any spare drive. i will try to find one at a friend home to try.

are those not mainstream ? because it's the same MD5 that the one i saw online (torrent) and windows doesn't provide ISO otherwise. i wait for my computer to bsod, reset the overcloaking, wait again and i will try windows 7 (from dream spark, i don't have anything else) on another hardrive

Speaking of it, i just BSOD and reset the bios. i'v update the whocrached report

I've had a similar issue where I was getting random BSODs all different reasons for me the fault was RAM and I still don't understand why. One stick had a falling out with the mobo no matter which slot it was in it just complained so I swapped it out and issues stopped.

The stick itself is working fine in another system so no clue there. Maybe try removing a stick or two and see what happens doubt it would help but worth a shot.

it won't hurt ^^ i could get rid of 3/4 and see if it's better. for now, sill waiting to see it crash after bios reset

Yeah at this point in your adventure I'd literally strip the system of everything except 1 stick of ram, cpu, and video card (only if there is on-bard video.) Do not have anything besides keyboard/mouse plugged in. Then start troubleshooting and testing. If it fails you know it has to be related to one of the components left. If it passes everything and all issues dissappear then you can start adding things back one at a a time until you get errors and walla there is the culprit. But you will kill yourself trying to diagnose with too many variables. You NEED to do it this way to be thorough. Good Luck.

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