Help! I cant find an evga 780 acx in stock!

Hi guys I'm ordering all the parts for my build, but I need a evga 780 acx superclocked, but they're all sold out.  I know they had them avalaible last night, but I didn't order them soon enough. Any tips on how to snag one? Anyone know when more will be in stock?


Wait a week or two, they'll come back.

do you think they will be avaliable tonight?

newegg is still sold out :(

why would you want that card it has a terrible HeatSink design, its not good just because it has 2 after market fans on it, the fins are vertical all that heat is going into your case and NONE of it is going out the back, you would be better off getting this ASUS card as it will be as quiet, as cool and NOT poluting your case with heat

But its pritty overpriced i guess.

lol i saw that and flipped, at first i was excited then i saw the price, you can buy it through amazon directly, but you have to wait 1-2 months, at least thats what the page says

WOOT I SNAGGED ONE! YES! VICTORY! and by the way they're sold out now


Just wait. it will come back in stock.

Edit: Never mind and congratulations. It should be freakin sweet.

thx, i think i should hold a contest to see who wins the game of pwns poster that comes with the card


yeah i kinda agree, but this article swayed me to get it