HELP! i bricked my device!

i was trying to flash an unofficial release of AOKP om my galaxy tab 3 and i guess i didnt understand instructions and accidentally formatted my internal storage and bricked it. it wont boot and i cant access recovery or odin mode. its just been stuck on a screen that says "samsung galaxy tab 3"and i cant turn it off. is there a way of saving it or is it gone forever :( its a galaxy tab 3 sm-t310 lt01wifi

Well I think you soft-bricked it soo you can probably fix it. I'll post if i find anything good that may help.
Cool thing on xda:
Other thing.
There is so much good stuff just look this up "samsung galaxy tab 3 soft bricked"

i found a thing online called a jig and i bought one from a local phone store for $5. it put my tablet in download mode! ill tell you my results when im finished

If you can see the boot logo you aren't bricked. You simply need to get a ROM on an sdcard and get back into recovery. You probably aren't following the instructions correctly. It's nearly impossible to hard brick a phone now days. Find a back to stock guide on XDA for your tablet(make sure its YOUR MODEL and carrier if applicable) and go through the guide step by step.

i tried to flash stock samsung rom and it says "cant mount /data" i dont know what to do

just bricked my Galaxy s5 active.
no post. no charge status.
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