Help! Hurry, Pleasee :(

I'm trying to build a System (Gaming, and Rendering) for under 750$ U.S.
Using thee

  • Graphix Card - HIS 7870 IceQ 2 GB(256bit) GDDR5 2x Mini-DiplayPort HDMI DL DVI-I (HDCP) PCI Express X 16 3.0 Graphics Card H787Q2G2M


  • Case(Just because it looks really cool :P) - Raidmax Tornado ATX Mid Tower Gaming Case ATX-238WU



What I'm asking... Is can someone help me build this system.. Help me find the parts I need.. Please & Thank You Soo Much.,

We would need more info to help you. Intel or amd for instance. If you have a budget and just don't know where to start take a look at Logan's build videos in you price range and pick parts from them. Once you have a most items picked out then post them here and someone will look them over and offer advice from that point. Have fun with it because it is your build and needs to reflect you. Will check back to see what you come up with.

Change the case if you want, but thats a nice one. Also that might not be exactly the card you want, but close enough.

I've looked at Logan's Buids, I've messed up on finding places to buy the specs from... & They all were like 100+ from what he said... 


Look at this please. 

I Changed it up.


Will you take a look at that.. Please and thank you.

nice build. I also might change the case but this is a personal thing. If you like it then that is what matters. If you can get a few extra bucks I would get a high watt power supply. I try to never buy under 500w. If you are in the USA check Newegg.Tigerdirect and for deal everyday till christmas. I have found some amazing deals in the past two weeks on parts.


Is this better now?

your RAM is too high voltage. It needs to be 1.5v

Gahh I'm new :( 
lol, this is stressful 

Just ask here if you have any questions, we'll get this done :)

Get the AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE if you're not going intel, it's amazing, and around the same price as the amd you picked.