Help HDD recovery

My wavlink HDD dock made 2 of my backup hdd corrupted or inaccessible for almost 4 times already since January. The Seagate 3 times, WD 1 time.

It’s done it so many times that I’ve given up on the files on the Seagate drive, and used it as a test sample on what makes the hdd dock do this to my drives. So far nothing made sense and it just does it whenever it wants to, I think the dock is now faulty.

I tried fixing/recovering the drive with cmd but after fixing the drives, the files dont show when exploring

I tried using SeaTools to check if theres something with my drive. it passed everything 100% but the advance testing made it undetectable in Seatools and disk management.

because of all this bullshit I accidentally tested another drive that contains all my important files.

This hitachi drive became not initialized, now it asks me to make it GPT or MBR. It’s status in disk manager is Unallocated. i haven’t formatted it yet.

Im planning to buy a data recovery software. Any recommendations on what to do?

  1. Seagate = not detected
  2. Hitachi & WD = unallocated

all of this drives are 100% healthy

You should try testdisk to see if it can recover the partitions.

if not photorec is a viable alternative.

First though, you should start with making an image of whats there in case things go worse. ddrescue is the obvious choice to me.


The seagate drive is accessible now, I just need to see if I can recover some of my files there. Im still making an image for the Hitachi drive

Ill see what i can do with testdisk and ddrescue.

Can testdisk recover files with there original names?

Testdisk is more for recovering entire partitions. If you want individual files then photorec is what you’re after.

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