Help GTX660ti SLI low fps?


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4X4gb dd3 1600 (9-9-9-24) G skill sniper

1000w PSU Cooler Master M2 silent

Gigabyte Windforce GTX660ti 3GB 2X

WIN8 64 (I had this problem initialy with WIN7 64)


In Battlefield 3 my Fps are worse with two cards than with one?

In SLI i get         35min  50avg  145max  

with no SLI i get 65min  75avg  110max



I dont care about those max frames. Those min frames are terible :(  


The idea when i builded all of this was that my frames never go belov 60fps. 


I have a feling that my cpu is the problem (maybe im wrong).....



Sorry for my bad English  Please help me.

Sell the second card. Problem solved.

what 660ti do you have? did you buy an identical secound card? are the card clocks the same? aru you using the latest drivers? have you reinstalled your drivers since adding the secound one? have you tested it with any other games? what are you using to give you your framerate readings?

also have you tested both cards induvidualy? and have you tested both pci-E slots induvidualy? what powersupply you using? 

They are Gigabyte GTX660ti TOC 3GB. Same clock. Latest drivers. I tried older ones same problem.

I tried Crysis 3 had isuess as well.  Im reading my frames with evga precision and the buld in game reader.

I tested them individualy.

My PSU is a Cooler Master M2 Silent pro.

Everything worked fine the first week i instaled it bu now its :FAKFHQQ!"#%?!)%/!~


ok but did you test both pci.e slots induvidually?


What is your mobo?

Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 rev 1.2

:EDIT:    I was wrong the frames are back to the old same. I really tried everything posible there is. I give up.