Help getting more than my current 1.3GHZ GTX 780 OC

I have a ASUS Podeidon GTX 780 @ 1.3 Ghz at stock voltage running mid 50c load, i was just wondering how to set the clock speed above what ASUS t weaker can provide. where can i enter a static clock speed since i have enough head room to over volt this GPU and dont mind pushing it hard.


If I were you I'd check out There are loads of guides/tools on there when it comes to overclocking and overvolting

sounds like what you are after is bios manipulation of your card. What potatoe said, go to

Reading the guides there taught me bascially everything i need to know about OCing a graphics card. They are pretty damn good at turning your card into a hot grill, ready to cook some eggs. Although, just know, if you screw up, you will brick your card, so be ready for that.