Help for prodigy build

I have been looking at reviews between the i5 3570K and the AMD fx8350. I would like to go with the 8350 but there is one hitch. I would like it to be a Bitfenix Prodigy case.

Can anyone help with information or a parts list?

My price cap is £800 or $1100

There will be a mATX prodigy soon and you can finally have the prodigy and an FX8350.

So until then I can't have both?
Do you know how soon it will be?


It was just shown at computex and I don't think that anyone knows when it will be released yet.

Why can't you go with the fx8350? Is it because there aren't any mini ITX motherboards available for that platform?


If it is the aesthetics of the bitfenix prodigy that you enjoy I can understand that but if you are simply looking for a small case I have the Silverstone SG09 and it is actually smaller despite fitting micro atx motherboards.  Hope it helps.


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can't help you on the parts list since I'm only capable with newegg and specific deals but the prodigy is overrated and huge, there are Matx cases smaller that it

I was looking at the prodigy mainly for aesthetics, and because I will be travelling with the case back and forth to university so it will come in handy having a sturdy case with the handles.

Thanks for the ideas though, I may go for a micro atx case if the mini itx boards dont come in soon.

What mATX cases would you advise? I would like them too look nice as well as being functional.

i´m getting a bit confusing on this topic, if you are looking for a micro atx or mini itx build then you will be stick with intel. there are no AM3+ m-atx or m-itx boards available

silverstone, cooler master, fractal, and NZXT offer some pretty good mini ITX and mATX solutions that are smaller

the arc mini from fractal is a good mATX case and the grandia series cases from silverstone are pretty good mATX HTPC like cases

Oh sorry I was mistaken. I was under the impression there are mATX AM3+ boards, obviously correct me if I am wrong.

I am looking to have an fx8350 small form factor pc so if you can help that would be much appreciated.  

well I think she means there are no 970 and up mATX boards, board with front panel USB 3, SATA III, and good VRMs for overclocking

there are mATX boards just using a 5 year old chipset that lacks features

this is probably the best mATX AM3+ board you can get, only 4pin CPU pwer connector, low ram dividers, no front panel USB 3, Sata II

yeah im sorry i mean indeed there is no M-atx board with 970 or 990fx chipset, and a decent powerphase, that is highly recommended wenn you wanne go with the FX8350. if you wanne go with the cpu and you want oc feutures then you stick by an ATX build. FX8350 with Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 mobo. for example.

Okay, I got really confused their so thank you for simplifying it.

I would like a small form factor PC so I will probaby revert back to my original idea of using the i5 3570K with the prodigy.

Thanks for all the help though. 

yeah thats the best idea mini itx build i5-3570k

i made this till now:

To bad the budget was just to tight to put in a ssd and a Decent cpu cooler. if you like to buy a ssd later you can schwimp that off the list and select a decent cpu cooler like corsair H100i LC cooler. or if you can stretch the budget a little bit you can  add a ssd. 

i also prefer the Club 3D radeon 7870XT joker above the powercolor7870XT but the powercolor is cheaper.

It´s just to give you some idea´s

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