Help for my C-program (variables in finnish) there is a link to courcecode


I know my variables are in finnish but the basic problem is that I cant get my switch in the main program work and I dont know why I just keep getting error that my switch is being used without beeing initialized. Also i would love to hear your thaughts how could i make it better. Preferably from someone who is FIN cause i am lazy and dont wanna start translating the sourcecode 


I would advise you to not program in your native language, since it's more likely that you'll share or discuss your code with people outside Finland. English is standard, all the STL structures and general directives are defined in English. 

What you are missing is the break directive in each case of the switch code block. 

Also, your variable valikko wasn't initialized by the getChar function. Remember, the compiler is right 99% of the times.

Here's the paste with the added breaks, check if it works now:

Ty man and i do know that the standard in english but since this is my school project i have to do it in finnish dont ask me i dont know why

No problem. I couldn't advise you about the code since I don't know Finnish and therefore I can't intepret your code. Good luck with your project.