Help for IT exam


Im am an 18 year old IT student from norway. Exam is coming up in few months. The exam is going to revolve around setting up windows server 2012 with Active Directory, DNS and DHCP. Its going to be connected to around 3 clients trough virtual switches. The server and clients is going to be VM's in Hyper-V.

Then use IGLA to set up users, Global and local groups and giving them acces trough trough Share and NTFS-rights. Setting up networked storage on the clients. We are going to have to document the whole process. Theres also a oral part and written test, everything last about 5 hours.

 We dont get to spend to much time in the computer lab and i want everything to go smooth on the exam and be able to answer any oral questions they might ask. I managed to set everything up a few weeks ago, but today i tried again, and i had a few hiccups getting the client connected to the server.

This was the task from last year. So nothing is said in stone yet, but my teacher said it was going to be similar. Anyone got any tips? I can bring along 4 A4 pages of hand written notes. Could anyone make a short and relevant list of what to do in order? I would really appreciate some tips as networks isnt my strong side when it comes to computers.

Regards, Ollii007

Well I'd be taking that example and going through the solution and seeing how the scenario could be different etc, from each variance work out that new solution. Maybe even get together in a group with your friends and brainstorm.

Best of luck.

yeah, I will do that. thank you :)