Help for first build

My current computer is getting old and sluggiish to the point where it has become a bit of a problem. I would like to build myself a computer, however I haven'tdone anything like it before. I'vre done a bit of research andhave now come up with a parts list. My main goals for this setup would be gaming. As a newbie, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on how to improve and what I could expect this setup to run.

Link to the parts list:

As a side note I don't plan on over clocking (yet)



seeing as you can spend that much more i would reccomend (in this order):

1. a better motherboard (asus m5a97 r2.0, m5a97 evo/pro, or any 990 chipset (but i wouldn't reccomend asrock)) check some of these out generally more phases = better (not always though)

2. get a name brand psu (that looks ok, but i'd look for a seasonic or maybe corsair)

3. go up to a 7950

4. go up to a 8320

i would choose what to change in that order, based on how much you really want to spend

Yeah seasonic or corsair XFX even cooler master 

i would go with this case instead get it from NCIX instead of newegg cheaper but for 1 day only i would buy that now if i was you