Help: first pc build

I would like feedback on what are the best parts for gaming in the mid $1600 ~ $1800 range here is what I put together thanks in advance ~ laszlo


p.s I need the 32gb ram for photoshop, streaming and editing, thanks again ~Laszlo

You could do much better at this budget.

Take a look?

Also, I highly suggest using ethernet for your streaming.

Could I fit this inside a Nzxt h440 case (red) with a optical drive

The H440 does not have a slot for an optical drive but you can still run a external. Otherwise the H440 is a great case, I have one and it is built solid.

Thank you for your advice also is overclocking recommend for gaming/editing

So here is what I got I modidied the build to fit another color scheme ~laszlo

Not bad. Although I really can't recommend the 980. It is too expensive. So much more than a 970 or 290X for like 5-10FPS more at 1080p and about the same performance at higher resolutions.

There is no 980 in there. It's the Zotac 970. ;)