Help! First PC build

Ok this is my first PC build and so far everything is good, as in the computer hasnt started on fire yet. I am not sure what to install,  their are so many driver updates for the mobo/GPU/periferals, do i need to insatll all of the driver updates or just specific ones. Also i have tryed installing zone alarm free firewall for security twice and both times their would be a zone alarm box stuck in the buttom right corner and it wont let me uninstall the program, both times i had to completely wipe the OS and start over.

Windows 8 pro

AMD 8350

AMD 7970


16gb Kingston hyperX 1866mhz

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Always update your motherboard drivers first, and of course get the latest from your manufacturers webstie and not the disk it comes with.

I usually only install the chipset and the LAN/Wireless only, then obtain the latest drivers from component manufacturers once online.

For internet security I would suggest AVG, but I do not use any software personally. Microsoft's Essentials is also a good choice (spare the NSA).