Help - First PC Build

Processor – AMD 5800K @3.6GHz (£73.85)

Motherboard – ASRock FM2A75M (£38.96)

Memory – Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB 1866MHz (£29.99)

Case – CIT Midi Tower (£16.99)

Power – Powercool Modular 550W 80+ (£32.89)

Optical Drive – Samsung  SH DVD-Rom Drive (£5.95)

Graphics Card – NVIDIA 560Ti (£149.99)

Total System - £348.62

I was just wondering if this would all work together as I am hoping to build this and it is my first PC build. I took inspiration from the recent budget build as you may notice with the processor.

My main concern is whether everything will fit in the case as I am not sure on the measurements thing and what cases are good for what.

Thanks for any assistance you can give!

I dont like the psu its not a great make and it only has 16A per rail. You can probably get away with it but i would invest an extra 20 and get something like

Also the gfx card for that sort of money you could get a 660 (faster than a 560ti) or a hd 7850 (cheeper and faster than a 660 ti)

The rest of the build is good and yes that mobo will fit in the case.

i agree that gpu is shit for that money i would go for a 7850 or if u have the money a 7870

get a fx-6300 if your gonna go with a gtx 560 ti

Okay, thanks guys. This is all really useful, I was worried I had got like everything wrong!

On the subject of graphics cards would there be any real advantage of getting a 7870 over a 7850? Like is it actually worth the extra money?