Help First Gaming PC 1500$ Canadian

So pretty much I want to make a gaming PC.

The budget is 1500 or less. (Less = Better)

I want a great computer so if its cost the full 1500 or a bit more that is fine.

I want to be able to play games on high settings.

I live in Canada.

I have a build on Link:

If you could give me advice on what I should be looking for or what ill need that would be amazing.

If you could tell me your opinion on the build I have currently made that would be great too.

And helpful advice for a beginner would be perfect.

Thank you in advance!

its ok i guess but i really would bother with that CPU, id say get a fx 6300 or something of that kind. and for the ram you dont need it to be tthat fast.

you're throwing your money away with your ram. Also, i'd pick up a 4670k/gtx 770 or 760 sli at that price. i also really don't like that PSU. There are better options for the money.

I'm a canadian as well <3

What Rok Said. If you're not using this as a primary editing rig, then there's no point in getting 16gb of ram. Also spending that kind of money without having an SSD seems kind of strange

Intel option - (3570k gives less heat and has more overclocking potential IMO)

AMD Option (under budget with rebates)