Help! First Build. How does this look?

Whats going on guys.

I want to really get under $650 dollars but i know that is hard to do with the intel build. So, if somebody could come up with at AMD build that rivals the benchmarks from the current build that would be great, and of course lets make sure that its less money lol. I want to play games on it. I am not a hardcore gamer but i do enjoy them . Mainly i want to play GTA IV, War Thunder, Ghost Recon and other games not yet found to be awesome.   But anyway here is my build

I just want to know if there is somewhere that i can save money. Maybe a case or something im not sure. Remember i'm a noob so help me and not be too techincal. I don't mind spending the $750 just want to save if i can. 

I keep updating and starting new post because basically I really dont want to make hasty decisions about this build. I want to be well informed and make good decisions about what it is that i am trying to build.

So with that said remember that i already have storage devices. I have found out that they are SATA not IDE. I was told that the IDE's are not good for modern computers. For convience here are the 4 that I will use. 

  • Seagate Momentus 5400.6 250 GB disk drive (snatched it from an old PS3 I had)
  • Toshiba Disk Drive MK1255GSX 120 GB and a
  • Western Digital WD800BEVT 80 GB Disk Drive.
  • Hitachi N13508 E182115 60GB HDD

Thanks a lot guys. You all have been really helpful!

Im a little confused. Mainly because this build cost more and is AMD. My whole thought process was that if you have an intel build 700 would be the minimum you could spend and have a nice system. I think im thinking that intel gives you better bang for you buck in terms of upgrading later down the road. So I wouldnt want to spen the same amount on a AMD build. I def could be wrong though so help me out if my logic is skewed.

I was unable to look at the benchmarks for the system but im assuming its better not sure? Do they run different benchmarks for AMD and Intel or is it based on the video card?

In any event I appreciate you taking you time to do that. Thanks bro. I look forward to hearing from you and others.