Help Finding Old Game

Hey guys I am looking for an old game I used to play. I dont know what it was called but it was a point and click adventure game. I remember there was a part where you were in a plain that you could release chickens out of their caches to get a guy to fall out of the plain. Also I remember you have an apartment but it gets ransacked at some point and you can use a crow bar to open the back of you car. There was another part I remember where you had to steal something out of a lunch box in a main lobby area in order to get on the plain.

sly cooper? lol

What did the characters look like?

It was a very long time ago but it was just a regular person as far as I can remember.

Maby he was a spy?

Tomorrow i may have some ideas, not big in point and clicks.

You look at gog? Lots of old point and clicks

Sounds like a Lucasarts game from back in the day?
How old are we talking?

Sounds like Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders? Is that it?

I just remember it was 2d so probably not 2000s

That doesn't look like it, the game I am thinking of I remember had a more serious tone to it. Also the beginning house was like out in the middle of nowhere and the second place was an airport.