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Help finding a volume mixer with very specific settings


need to have a volume mixer where I can move multiple specified programs at the same time and to a specific volume number and also have new programs start at a specific volume. eartrumpet is my current solution and it’s not what I need. as an example say if I had 10 programs running at once i want to select programs 1,4,6,7,9 and have them all set to 40% max volume then i can do so by say control clicking the programs as if I was using file explorer it opens a text box lets me type 40% and hit enter and I’m done and it also needs the option of having programs that are not remembered or set previously to default start at a percent I set.

essentially I tend to have problems that google cannot help me with or I just suck at using google due to keyword result bs. any help will be useful but please don’t suggest things such as volumouse volume2 or things like those programs unless it has the specified features I am looking for because i am personally really tired of seeing those results


You say “file explorer” which makes me think this is for Windows. But just in case it’s for Linux, I had been very happy with Veromix when I was using KDE.


Honestly, it is for windows in the short term but long term I would like a solution for both. I have a lot of games I play that are windows only and I have been trying to get into Linux mainly ubuntu and have it set up mostly for everything I do I can do on Linux except using my editors I’m accustomed to and play games so I eventually plan on having 2 computers one with windows and one with Linux without having to reboot every time. I already have some replacements in mind for the editors when I do jump completely to Linux.