Help Finding A New Router... Or Maybe Fix This One

Right now I have NetGear WNR2000, which I've had for almost a year. For the last few weeks, I've noticed the wireless connection is available, but when I connect, it just disconnects after a few minutes. This has started happening on my wired desktop. It went away, but was replaced by .67Mb download speeds.... I have broadband internet connection, so this is bullshit. I've obviously rebooted both the modem and the router a shit ton of times.

So to replace it, if it can't be fixed, I was looking at this,

Until I found out that it can't broadcast 802.11N, and 802.11G at the same time. I'm not sure if that's a common thing or not, so I'd like some suggestions and whatnot.

My old Netgear WGT624 started doing something like this about a month ago. Wireless was messed up, I couldn't connect my desktop without the router rapidly resetting itself.

Here's the one I bought to replace it, and so far I love it:

I'm not sure if I'd go after Netgear again after this one year lifespan. I want some long term reliability. So if the router you sent is reliable, I'd get it.