Help finding a fps from late 90's to early 00's

I have a sweet tooth for old games i use to play and was wondering if anyone could help me find it.

it was a modern time fps game with gore, all i remember is at the start of the game you come off this subway train and you can talk to civilians, i don't remember what the enemies are but i know early in the game you're walking around town and in hotels, it was always night time

Soldier of Fortune?


no, at the start of the game you are coming off this subway train, or maybe it was a regular train.  something else just game back to me, i think when the civilians swear they literally just get beeped like on tv

Max payne? I remember it had some subway scenes. 

Oops I just remembered it wasnt fps 

Counter Strike 1.6. 1999 :)

What do I get if I tell you that it's Blood 2: The Chosen? Because I won't tell you that it's Blood 2: The Chosen if I don't get something in return. That's just the way of the world, you see.