Help find me a motherboard

Help find me a motherboard I am using parts from old computer they are as follows
- CoolerMaster Stacker 830 Case

  • 8GB (2 gb x 4) sticks- DDR3 RAM will provide a pic of ram
  • Intel Core i7 920 Quad Core CPU
  • 1 tb 7200RPM Hard Drive
  • HIS ATI Radeon 5870 GPU
  • CD/DVD Burner
  • thremblake 600w Power Supply
  • Windows 10 Home Premium x64

maybe that? or this? x58 aint cheap man.... also check to make sure that ram works in the mobo. Im not sure with this stuff being tri channel vs ur stuff being dual channel i think? maybe.

if I need to buy ram it could be an option

If you end up having to buy ram, id say it wouldnt be worth it. But thats just me

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