Help edit my build!

i5 3570k


Msi Z77 GD 65

16 GB Kingston Hyperx black 1866mhz

Gigabyte 7970 GHz edition Sapphire Vapor-X 

WD Blue 1T storage

NZXT 410 white

OCZ ZX 850  80 Plus Gold

looks good I would only change the PSU you can find a better PSU for that price. I would also get a second HD and raid it or get a SSD.

Ohh i forgot to add! i have a Samsung 840 PRO 120gb ssd already so no need for it lol thanks, would you recomend any specific PSU?


imma guessing your budget is $1500

I'll see what I can do. :) < The build

*If you plan to go for Crossfire, you will need a better PSU; get like a 850W PSU for crossfire

**Decided to go for AMD-based CPU because you won't be editing vids, ja?

For PSU you need 650w, 850w is to mach for one GPU except if you go for dual GPU. What do you prefer modular, semi-modular or not modular? I have semi-modular. And go for wc green or black if you have the money.