[Help] Dual monitor with different specs or one monitor

Hello everyone,

I’m having a hard time deciding whether I want a single curved monitor or a dual monitor setup.
I’m a hard-core FPS gamer with a budget around €850,-

I’ve been doing some research and came up with the following two options:

  • The brand new Acer Predator Z321QU (31,5" Curved 2k @ 144hhz GSync ~VA Panel)

  • Dual monitor setup Dell S2417DG ( 23.8" 2k @ 144-156hz Gsync - TN panel) +

  • Dell P2418D (23.8" 2k @ 60 Hz ~IPS panel)

If I get the dual monitor setup, will there be any issues whatsoever ?

Someone told me that if I get dual monitors with different refresh rates I would need to put 120Hz on the main monitor and 60 Hz on the other monitor, this is due to how Windows made the window manager.

Will two different panels look odd when merged together ?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you in advance

I am running an 21:9 (@75Hz & FreeSync) and 16:9 (@60Hz) side by side.

No problem, it just works.

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Do you play games ?


I understand your question, but how is it relevant to your problem?

In windows not really.

I have 2 monitors one is at 60 and one is at 144 Hz so I don’t know what your friend told you but it works for me.

Yes before you calibrate a little bit the colours they will look different. After that they may still be different however you probably wont notice it.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I know it is a personal preference
but would you buy the singular curved monitor or dual monitor ?

Personally I prefer more screen space over quality , so if you need the higher hz I would go for a dual monitor setup if you can, just make sure your primary is 144hz or more

Well this as you said is really to personal preference I wanted to have one screen for gaming (144Hz) and one secondary screen to be able to monitor my work/contacts without getting out of the game :smiley:.
But it’s not only that the extra space gives me way more space to do things, but also when they are two separated screens and you can hook up other computers to one of them and also I don’t mind the gap between the screens.

However with the curved screen you wont get as much horizontal space as the 2 screens even though as it is as big as this one I must say that you will have space for sure. Playing games on it will feel better but for me personally I would go with the flexibility of 2 screens.

Two panels together look odd anyways. Normally you’d get one big panel and match it with a side panel for other windows like a chat or terminal. But if you’re only gaming and want the wider view angle just get a 21:9. Or 32:9 and be really stupid with it lol.

I have a 144 hz 2k monitor and a 4k 60hz monitor and haven’t experienced any issues. It’s a best of both worlds approach. If you’re worried about aesthetics, just try to get them from the same brand.