Help Desk

It's become apparent that inbox.exe has become more of a place for people to ask for technical assistance (among other non-topic things...including this post) than for inbox.exe related questions and topics.

I request that a technical support forum be created so that those of us that have the capabilities of assisting other users can do so in a more enclosed environment. I find myself answering questions throughout the forums that could be secluded to one individual section, creating a specified area near the top of the current expansive list would assist with clearing up clutter from other forums and from the inbox.


I wish I could move all of those Inbox.EXE threads to the appropriate hardware forum; 99% of the time, it is about a rig, not a Logan/Wendell/Qain/Pistol question.

Exactly, there's so much clutter in the inbox forum that navigating it and finding 'good' material to reply to or answer is a nightmare. There should be another moderator (yourself) that can do that.

Creating too many sub forums can lose users so consolidating them into several broader categories would be good, but I believe that having a section devoted to recieving, or giving, assistance to those in need of it would be benficial to the website as a whole.


Bringing this up due to more posts today requesting assistance.