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Help decrypting WD Mybook drive

you don’t have to do it the exact way I mentioned, You just have to output to the location where the drive is mounted

Ok, turns out the heads were not faulty, also not a faulty board, it was encrypted but not a user specified password, the sector containing the decryption key for the built in encryption must have failed so the password it was prompting for was the default decryption key which is
model number of the drive is WD10SDZW-11UMGS0
and this is the forum where I got the answer, some guy called green slime is a legend

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Wow, thanks for following up. Glad you were able to get into it.

Thanks for the followup!

I wonder what the KGURshWDWGLp3a is?

some sort of WD default or backdoor?

Must be the default encryption key they use on that model drive at least