Help deciding which SSD to upgrade to

Hi, this has probably been posted a lot already but I'd like to hear your suggestions.


I've narrowed the search down to:

1) Kingston HyperX 3K 240Gb - £98

2) Adata SX900 256GB - £97

3) Samsung 840 EVO 250GB - £84


Which would be best out of this list?

I've got a 1TB HDD for all my movies and music, this would just be for OS, applications and some games.

Thanks guys

Samsung ssd's have never failed me

Awesome, that was probably my first choice anyway. Think I'm going to go for it!

I have an 840 Evo in my gaming rig and I just recently put on in my old macbook pro, both are great, haven't had a problem with them yet, (also i think Wendell likes them, in one of the episodes on the Tek there is a huge stack of them next to his desk)

Ahh that's a good sign! Sweet! Going to order it tomorrow I think. Thanks for the help.