Help deciding on new case pls&ty :)

So here's the deal. I'm looking for a new case and narrowed down my options to either the Fractal Define R4, or the Arc Midi R2. I'm leaning more towards the Arc Midi because it's more airflow optimized, but I love the look and the idea of silence that comes with the R4. Is the airflow much worse in the R4? And if I stock it with fans will it be just as loud as the Arc Midi that would have a couple less fans?

I know this has probably already been posted before, but I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you! :)

Side note: My rig is completely air cooled (planning to upgrade to noctuas) and I have no intention of water cooling.

Either case will be good. If fan noise is a real problem for you then pick up a fan controller so you can get them where you like them. Same fans in both cases IIRC and they have similar builds.

I think the Arc Midi R2 is a much more attractive case.

I'd go with the Define R4 as the entire front portion of the Arc Midi R2 is made of plastic and feels pretty cheap. (Arc Midi R2 owner)

I'd also consider the NZXT H440 which looks like a killer case.

H440 is AMAZING case... I have the same problem - Arc midi r2 or define r4... I think i will go with white R4, just cause it looks so much better then the black Arc midi r2...