Help creating and restoring a bootable image from a 500GB HDD to a 250GB SSD

Hey guys, so wanted to upgrade my cousin's laptop from an HDD to an SSD. His HDD is bigger and the SSD is about half that size. I figure since he isn't using much of the 500GB I can shrink the volume and then image it and restore it to the SSD.

I did just that, the problem is that the laptop says there is no boot device. Everything seemed to go fine when restoring the image onto the SSD.

Since the source HDD is from a laptop manuifacturer, I there are a lot of rescue partitions and I can only assume maybe the MBR has been messed with? I'm not quite sure. HALP :P

P.S. I'm using Macrium Reflect to image and restore the partitions.

AOMEI Backupper usually works great for me. It has always worked so far. On older Laptops though, there might be a problem with the way you initialized the new SSD. When you get into the initialization-dialogue, Windows will ask you if you want to go with MBR or GPT. On a modern system GPT would be fine, but older systems won't recognize the SSD afterwards. You might have to wipe the drive and re-initialize it as MBR if you haven't already.

Thanks for the tips, I was able to install windows 8 onto the SSD since the product key is locked to the mobo and would use the same one. The HDD, for some random reason decided that it wanted to be corrupted so basically that's a lost cause. Luckily my cousin didnt have much on that HDD anyway.