Help creating a castlevania games

hey i would like to trie to create a castlevania games since im a huge fan of the classic castlevania games so i would like to make a remake of castlevania 1 whit 16 bit arts style from other castlevania games since i have no idea how to code the game or where to start im planing in the future to take a programming classe in collage so i would like to start a project like that before any help sugestion on where to start and such 

  • Start by choosing a game engine. I prefer Unity 3D, but if you don't want to spend money on a engine, get UDK. Then learn the scripting for the game engine (check the forums of whatever engine you choose. they usually have tutorials on scripting.)
  • The graphics of the game can be modified within the engine. Although you have to make your own textures. Do not use other people's graphics. It leads to lawsuits.
  • Be patient. Creating a game takes time.
  • Never quit. No matter how hard it may be, never give up.
  • Have fun!


I'd agree with Dimmu.

Personally creating my engine has taken a lot away from my game so I just canceled the game as a whole and am just working almost full time on the game engine