Help create a build: Ryzen|Workstation|GPU Passthrough|1,708.84 USD


I am looking to build a second PC. My first is built specifically for gaming. This second PC I would like to have specifically for the following purposes:

1.) Security Research, CTFs, Pentesting, Virtualization, Programming/Development.
2.) Arch Linux OS
3.) Good IOMMU groupings on motherboard for GPU pass-through.
4.) GPU pass-through viable
5.) No need for overclocking
6.) No need for peripherals
7.) GPU for pass-through only needs to run new games with consistent 60fps or more at very low settings but still with native resolution (1080p).

I have a budget of $2800 NZD (1,708.84 USD)
I have a GTX 1060 that can be used in place of one of the GPUs.

I ran Arch Linux OS on my gaming PC and wanted to do a GPU pass-through but the IOMMU groupings sucked on my motherboard and I could not get the ACS override patch to play well with my motherboard. I’ve only got experience building Intel gaming PCs and thus I am turning to the community to help me out with this type of build please :slight_smile:

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