Help! Corsair Neutron XT SSD lock up, can't format

Hi Level one Techs community.

I usually don’t post anything on forums, but I figured that you guys might be able to help.

So I have this couple of years old half terabyte Corsair SSD, that was (until recently) my system drive.
Unfortunately now it’s in a state that I can read it, but not write anything on it.

I have tried formatting it on Windows 10 and also at windows 8 installation DVD. Tried to format it on couple of different Macs thought USB dock. Tried at Corsairs own firmware utility tool, without any success.
Tried to use Discpart from command line. It could not format it, thought it reported no errors. Disport also did not said that the drive would be read-only state.

I’m not familiar with linux at all, so I haven’t tested that SSD on linux yet.

If I’m trying to trash the files, they seem to be deleted, but they come back after couple of minutes.
Same goes for reformat if I use older macs. Windows 10 and newer macs report a that format was incomplete.

The disc has windows partition, recovery partition and some third partition that I get no info.

To be clear, I have already salvaged important files from the drive. And there are few yours of warranty left on that drive. BUT there are also some sensitive data from work and I’m not willing to risk it leaking if I would sent for warranty replacement.
But of course it would be nice to get the drive back in use. You can never have too many SSDs :slight_smile:

sounds like you reached the end of the thing’s write endurance. You can try to do an ‘SSD secure erase’ from partedmagic or similar, but there’s no guarantee that it’ll completely reset the nands if they’re already totally worn out. It’s a disadvantage of the media type.

write this to a usb drive

boot it and go to to system tools > erase disk, then select

Internal:Secure Erase command writes zeroes to entire data area

get back to us with the results.

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Ok, i’m gonna test that. Tough I already tested it on Mac, so chances are that windows won’t do anything either.

Oh yeah, the problem occurred kid of weirdly. I was un installing a lots of stuff trough steam. And that triggered windows indexing. Well the indexing of course made whole drive were slowly and because I’m impatient, I decided (probably not very smartly) to kill the indexing process. Well twenty minutes later I got a blue screen and after that the SSD has been completely read only.
This is my first SSD that has a problem. I mean my first SSD is something like 8 years old and has seen much more use. With way more rewrites. I expected it to fail years ago, and it’s still going :slight_smile:

Well maybe this one was just bad luck. As Japanese would put it, shoganai I guess :slight_smile:

Parted magic is a recovery USB designed specifically for Drive managment, recovery, and safe deletion, not a windows application.

Luckily SSDs are much easier to destroy if it comes to that and you don’t trust your RMA to handle the old one’s data responsibly.

This is likely correct.

‘Couple years’ is probably out of life. SSDs (at least, for me) are about the same as HDDs in terms of life (depending on use, of course) and after 5 years, you’re on borrowed time.

depends on the type of nand but yeah. Good rule of thumb is faster = less durable.