Help - Core 0 at 0.03GHz - Ryzen 1700X

Hello people, I’ve installed an old 1700x I had lying around into a PC but the HWiNFO readings are confusing me. Where it states the effective clocks, core 0 T0 is sub 3.5MHz whereas the others are all getting 3500MHz.


My 2700X doesn’t have this problem and I can’t find anything related online. Is core 0 a dud?

Thanks in advance, any information would be helpful.

Just checked on my 3700x if the same happens but it’s not the case. What’s the multiplier reading you have in HWiNFO below the usage?
If the multiplier alligns with the effective clock it might just be a reading issue.
What you could try to do is pin Cinebench* (any version will do) to the “weird” core and then to one of the other cores that read correctly and compare the results. If they’re the same (with minimum variance) it’s just a readout issue in HWiNFO.

*run a single core test. Forgot to specify

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I didn’t know you could do that in cinebench, I’ll try it asap.

You can’t do that on Cinebench itself. You need to do that through the task manager in Windows.

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You’re a star, thanks for the help

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You’re welcome! I hope that sheds some light on what you’re seeing in HWiNFO

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