HELP Consolidating multiple systems into new all-round Build


  • • MOTHERBOARD -- Auros X570 Master.
  • • CPU -- AMD 3950X.
  • • Cooler -- Noctua NH D15.
  • • Ram -- G skill Trident Z Neo 32g ( 16 x2 ).
  • • GPU -- Nvidia 3080.....( Maybe Big-Navi 21).
  • • Storage -- Samsung nvme M.2 512gb (boot drive), three WD  3.5" optical drives (storage). 
  • • PSU -- Corsair RM750x. 
  • • OS -- Linux.

PART 2 Question:
So 2 of the 3 optical drives i plan on using for the build have windows OS on them. One is out of my old desktop and the other was used as an external for an old laptop of mine. Between these two i have a lot of old media i would love to keep however I would prefer that the primary OS for the new build be linux With the ability to just run windows as needed in a VM. so my question is what will be the easiest way to move the media from these windows drives to a fresh drive and remove windows from them so that i can just use them as storage and access them without issue from linux.
The other possibility is just leaving one of the drives as a Windows system so that i have the option to boot straight into windows for gaming/streaming purposes…However even if i do go with this option i would still like to move the media into the linux environment for long term storage.
I have tinkered with linux enough to be comfortable replacing it as my primary OS for daily use but by no means do i know enough to be able to predict any compatibility issues with all of the new products going into this build and the problems this might cause So any advice anyone can offer about how well all of the parts above will play together in a linux environment as well as the best way to consolidate and store all of my old media into one place. and finally advice on if VM’s have come far enough i can safely remove windows all together and i can game/stream in a VM or if i should designate a drive to be windows and just deal with dual booting when needed.

I assume you mean harddisks.

USB to SATA connector and move the files to a fresh disk.

A rolling Linux distro with a new kernel.

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Thank you, I was hoping moving the files would be as easy as this. Will i have any issues with formatting? I have a lot of music that was stored in itunes some in windows and i know apple does/did some funny formatting with audio files will they all convert over?

Nope, you can format it while connected to usb via windows or Linux depending what file system you want on the disk.

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