Help confirm my build compatability? (update)


  This is the first PC I've built myself and I think I got it right, working on cars taught me the value of researching parts carefully. Does anybody notice any clear compatability issues with this build?


  I will buy the GPU for it soon, going to save up for something to take advantage of HD gaming, will be using a Geforce gt240 until then. The budget for the above is $900 US and I added a couple case fans and an HDMI cable.

 The goal was to get the most reliable parts/power within the budget and the theme is an HD gaming PC with occaisional HD rendering, nothing big regarding rendering. With that said, I feel like I'm right where I want to be but I'm open to suggestions, what do you all think?

Thanks for your consideration.






You may aswell get 2 x 4gb of RAM as its very cheap anyway, and windows 7 does like more than 4gb.

6gb/s isnt needed for any HDD's. But that particula one is an old Power saving HDD and is slower than standard 7200rpm HDD's. (And hardly saves any energy anyway and is why Seagate said they have stopped making theirs as its pointless)

The monitor is a bit old, would be nice to get a newer, shinier one :D

Other than that it looks good to me.


besides a $110 for a 650w PSU yeah everything is fine

I've used over 10 rosewell single rail PSUs in other peoples rigs, no problems

this one is modular

cooler master is okay too

all cheaper than that one


save money and get a better Hard drive, you can't trust half of the reviews on newegg since the people aren't tech literate, but on paper the specs are great

Fear not I'm not judging based on newegg reviews, Regarding the RAM I'm sure I can squeeze in a 2x4 somehow, the monitor actually didn't belong in this build immidiately but for that price I decided to grab it, my main PC has a 19" xflat CRT so you know I'm not picky. I do like that HDD and will try to squeeze it in.

I'm a bit partial to corsair PSU's though... Thanks for the help I have some thinking to do. You folks feel free to chime in.

Well I have changed a few things and added a few things, and the wishlist is public so no more post clutter.

Here is the list:

I wanted to ask you guys if you think I can fit that Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus inside this build with my chosen RAM, MOBO and case? I'm not finding enough measurments to confirm that so what do you all think?

It looks good, but I would swap out the hard drive for one of these instead:

It's about $10 more, and you get more than double the capacity. Not to mention that it should be a lot faster.

I think your cooler should be fine. It's a pretty basic cooler, so I don't see it having any compatibility issues. Which GPU are you aiming to get btw?

I will probably grab one of gtx 560's and go SLI if need be. I asked about the cooler because I hear many claim it barely fits (within milimeters) and some say it doesn't fit with heat spreader RAM, then others tell me the hyper 212 fits everything they throw it at ( in the ATX/medium case range). Mixed messages abroad.

Well it's a pretty small cooler in comarison to the more beefy ones, so I don't really see why it wouldn't fit unless the case is really really small. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get anywhere near the ram either.

you can adjust the fans veritcal hieght, like if the ram is too tall you can put the fans on a little higher, also look into combo deals, you can save like 50 bucks or get better stuff for the same price


btw logging in with facebook is awesome, I was logged in on someone else laptop and I just clicked it and bam logged in at tek syndicate too, nice feature

Just wanted to tell you guys that I bought and built the PC in that wishlist, changed a few things thanks to your guys help. Everything went great except one of the fans might be bad, makes a click(s) once or twice a day. Pulling down the retention arm to install the CPU made the worst crunch sound but I knew it couldn't damage it being keyed as it is. Still, made my spine shiver.

Also thought my HD audio front panel broke but I wasn't pressing the harness into the MOBO enough. I am really happy that's all that went wrong. Now that I know it works I ordered a GTX 570 to get it going but I must say the intel hd3000 impressed me. Crazy how well integrated graphics can perform these days.


Thanks for helping!


P.S. I'm really glad I went with the 8gb x2 ram, I plan to overclock the ram,gpu and cpu in the near future but this is pretty nice at stock settings. My last PC (bless that old horse) was pretty weak for todays standards.

Make sure to post pics!

Also, I've noticed the Intel HD 3000 graphics too. That's the main GPU in my laptop and I'm able to play Starcraft 2 on medium and low settings with a constant 30fps. I was pretty impressed, especially because AMD's APUs are supposed to be even better.

As soon as I find the battery for this damn camera.... Will do!

So I bought a microsoft lifecam 5000, I'll just use that for pics. The pictures don't look as good as the video, but it works.

I meant to post this earlier, to test my hd webcam I shot a video of the rig, you can get a better look at it this way and I have a special guest.