Help! computer not turning on

i just put to gether a pc and it is not turning on please help 

1. Ensure the PSU cables are connected correctly

2. Do you hear or see any changes when attempting to turn on inside of the case?

3. Disconnect everything and take the time to connected them peice by peice.

wheni push the power button nothing happends at all


umm... is the outlet good? is the power switch on the psu on? are all the power connections pushed in all the way? -check the switch first, then double check the 24 pin and 4 or 8 pin motherboard power connections, and the psu power cable. if it still doesn't start, test the outlet by plugging a lamp into it.

outlet fine conectors are fine its just not powering on

Can you tell if the PSU is working? If still uncertain, test the PSU; but do you know how to?


the psu is working because the power led is lit up but carnt turn on 


Reconnect the cables to mobo/gpu.

Is the power button connected to the mobo correctly? Do you have the polarity reversed or is it not connected at all?

did you connect the front I/O, power/reset and audio wires onto the motherboard? you may have not connected the Power switch from the front onto the mobo.

i have conected every thing but still no life


Try to turn on the motherboard by hotwiring from the power button's front panel header.


dont get it

I.E; Jumpstart the motherboard by placing one end of the wire on the motherboard's power button header's negative pin and with the other end of the wire, touch the said header's positive pin. If the board powers up, that'll mean that the case's power button is faulty.

ok i will give it a  try tomorrow


i tried hotwireing the mother board and nothing happened. any other suggestions?

Faulty motherboard maybe?

how do u test that

What motherboard do you have? I just want to make sure that you did the hotwiring right.