Help choosing parts

Hey guys, i building my new pc and i dont know much about pc and parts what need, say what i need to change :)

I5 3470, 4gb 1600mhz, gtx 660 and Z77 PRO4.

Looks good but up your ram to 8gb 1600mhz corsair vengence is good.  what case and psu are you using?

I dont know about psu, case CM 690 II lite version

Drapokas for the price of that GTX660 you can get a HD7870 and you will have a much more powerful, can you check the prices on the HD7870 and HD7850?

But im not sure about 7870 because i was saw black screen on 7870 

Bad cards happen Drapokas but if you do not trust the 7870 then how about a 7850? The 7870 will give you the most horse power for your money, what brand was the 7870 that gave you black screen?

the 660 is better if he is doing adobe stuff other wise the 7870 would be a little better but what every you feel good about is what you should get 

where are you buying your parts from?

Ragingh4vok brings a good point, is the pc you are building just for gaming or for video editing also?

I live in Europe, Lithuania and there stuff prices are higher, i saw black screen on 7870 i didint bought

For gaming

Can i on this mobo run sli? sorry for triple post