Help choosing mb and cpu

I need help choosing betwen :

Socket-AM3+ ASUS
ROG Crosshair V
Formula-Z, ATX             

Procesor AMD
FX-8350 Black
Edition, 4,00GHz,
8-Core, S-AM3+,


Mainboard S-1155
ASUS Maximus V
Gene, Micro-ATX

Procesor INTEL
Core i5 - 3570K,
3,40GHz, LGA1155,
Quad-Core, Boxed

I will be using it mostly for gaming and school. Maybe some other suggestions :) 

Tnx for help :) 



If the AMD is cheaper by $50 then get it but if less than that I would say the intel because that extra $50 will get you a whole lot of extra proformance

its no difference in price :)

Do you really need those ROG boards?

I would go for less expensive motherboards and use the extra money on other stuff.

Yeah i dont realy  need them xD but i want them xD 


I7 3770K

mobo Msi Z77 Mpower.



mobo: Asus RoG

Why the i7 and the mpower, cause the mpower is cheaper, and realy a great board, the money you saving, you can put in the i7 3770K better investment, with eye on the future..

of OFC the AMD FX8350 cheaper then both intel options, and performs mostly closer to the i7 then the i5, in gaming, soo thats why i dont  recommend the i5 cause the amd is more bang for youre buck, i5 does not have HT not realy intressting in games, but in rendering and edditing stuff it can be intressting..