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Help choosing Linux DE

I have tried switching to Linux a few times in the past and always just get frustrated with it missing a feature I have grown dependant on from windows or the DE being laggy/stuttery and not finding a way to fix it.

So I am looking for suggestions on which DE to choose. The only things I really care about are performance and window snapping. I love the way windows snapping works in windows 10. Being able to snap a window to each half of a screen then click and drag in the middle to resize both windows at once.
Does anyone know of a DE that has this style of window snapping?

You want Gnome, KDE, or Deepin. Super+Arrow key snaps a window.

Alternatively, you may want a tiling window manager such as awesomeWM

Right now,
Honestly KDE plasma is the best featured desktop compared to Windows.

Everything you mentioned and more is supported. Just drag it to the area you want it.

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Another KDE user here. Can confirm windows snapping is top notch and the tiling is great.

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just confirming KDE is the right choice also if you have problems with something in KDE just let me know.

Alrighty I am going to try KDE.

I will definitly take advantage of your offer if I have any issues.

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Also a KDE user, I don’t think KDE supports resizing both windows at once but the window snapping is good and KDE is highly configurable and feature rich. I believe there is also a way to use i3 with KDE, which should solve any window management problem you could ever have.

There are scripts for that you can go to WIndow managment i believe is the menu then Kwin options then on the right you will see a few scripts preistalled just click on get more scripts and get the Quarter Tilling Script. It’s the easiest way to have good tiling like in i3 without changing the window manager.

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Some are more prone to bugs for example gnome & kde are

Performance always xfce. For bleeding edge budgie

Had no idea that was a thing, thanks.

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Cinnamon and KDE are probablly as close to windows as it gets from all DE’s out there.

KDE plasma nowdays has a folder view option that makes it possible to have an active desktop.
This makes KDE a littlebit for familier to Windows users.
But the amount customization options on kde can be a littlebit intimidating though.
Especially to windows users on which you pretty much have no customization options atall.

If you want a DE that is the most familier to Windows 7.
Then Cinnamon is as close as it gets.

My suggestion would be to just try every DE out in a VM.
And see which one suites you the best.

Not really a Windows clone, but Budgie/Solus is worth mentioning when someone is looking for a gateway drug to Linux.

The Budgie team is also working hard on its Ubuntu variant:

I have used Linux for years on servers (headless/CLI), but only recently broke into using it as a workstation. I personally found Budgie the easiest DE to transition into.