Help choosing GPU

Hey there teksyndicate mates.

So to be quick, i need advice on choosing new GPU.

Earlier a thought about GeForce GTX 760, but with new AMD cards that looks very nice I.m considering R9280X strongly now.

I use my PC mainly for gaming, some productivity work (photoshop) nothing to extraordinary with a need of monster power. But would like to run games fairly smooth.


My current specs:

CPU : AMD FX8350 8Core 4GHz (oc'ed to 4,3 for why not for start)

CPU Cooling: Xigmatek Dark Knight Night Hawk Edition

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990FX Rev2

Memory: Kingston Beast DDR3 2x 4GB 2133MHz XMP CL11

Video Card: Zotac GeForce GTS 450 <- from last pc

Monitor Name: SAMSUNG [SyncMaster 2233] 1920x1080

Storage: SAMSUNG HD502HI 500GB Sata

Audio Adapter: ASUS Xonar DS

Mause: Steelseries Diablo III

Headset: Zowe Hammer , cant find exact model name

PSU: LC-POWER 650w LC6650GP3 V2.3,140mm,PCI-E,4x SATA 80+Bronze

Case: NZXT Tempest 210 Midi-Tower - black


Now for the choices I have on AMD:

Radeon R9 280X Asus 3GB MATRIX DDR5 DVI&HDMI&DP (PCI-E) for 1 489 zł (488,10 USD, or 356,48 EU)

Radeon R9 280X MSI 3GB DDR5 DVI&HDMI&DP (PCI-E) for 1 239 zł (406,15 USD, or 296,63 EU)

Asus has 1100 MHz core speed, and 6400 memory clock,

MSi has 1000MHz (boost to 1050) and 6000 memory clock.


Both have 3072mb of memory, Ramdack at 400mhz and 384 memory data bus (or pipeline, cant remember the word)


Links (use google translate from polish):


I'm thinking about asus for its features but what are your thoughts guys ?


also for reference prices:

GeForce GTX 770 Gigabyte 2GB 2xDVI&HDMI&DP (PCI-E) is 1599zł (524,16 USD, 382,82 EUR)

GeForce GTX 760 Gigabyte 2GB 2xDVI&HDMI&DP (PCI-E) is 1019zł (334,03 USD 243,96 EUR)

Id wait a couple of days for the Radeon R9 290X NDA to end and see what that dose to prices (its what i'm doing). 

Then go with a 7970 or 280X! 

Well i need to w8 about 10 days for my paycheck :D

So some time passed and in my shop R9 290 showed (not X):

Gigabyte R9 290 4GB DP&HDMI&2xDVI

947 core speed and 5000 MHz memory clock it costs 1719zł (412 Euro or 556$)

Saphire R9 290 4Gb ... same as above

1000 core speed, 5000 memory clock 1689zł (405 euro 547USD)


Chepest R9 290X (gigabyte) is for 2449zł (587 euro, 793$)

All are with reference cooling solution with kid of leaves me woried for temps.