Help choosing between R9 280 or R9 380

Hello guys,
I am looking for some advice here, building my new PC.
I chose my video to be the last thing i pick, because i am working on a budget and opting for quality and not cheap out on everything just to buy the most expensive video.

So my choices are Saphire Dual-X R9 280 for 190$ or Gigabyte R9 380 GAMING-4GD for 277$.
I know 380 is the better card, but is it worth the 87$ extra? I haven't played on any of them ... I am mostly interested in Fallout 4 on high/ultra ... other than that i don't really care - i can play on medium - high.

My CPU is i5 4460 and my PSU is CM V650S.

Thank you for your time :)

where do you live? the 380 is probably not going to be worth the difference in price.

my r9 290 was 200$ used on ebay , a leftover bitcoin miner. Works pretty good I'd recommend it. Bought it over a year ago.

I live in a small country - Bulgaria. And our prices are not as good as those in the big stores like in the USA. Economics ...

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thats why you buy on ebay from a seller that does world wide shipping.

just shoot for the 280, or find a used 290


I was thinking of buying a used 290 ... but there will be almost no warranty left and i don't like the idea of using a possible ex-miner ... Not sure about that.

You will probably be safe with a 290, but a 290x, those ran REAL hot and are prone to breaking. Surely someone local can sell you a second hand one? local overclockers website forum?

I might try looking, yes. In hardware forums they usually sell 2-nd hand videos, mostly 280X(uset for mining). But i can try loking for 290.

HI. I live in Bulgaria to...
And the current situation is quite bad... As Americans say, I feel you...
Basically there is no choice. I would go with as a shop and get Sapphire as a brand.
Otherwise there isn't much of a choice... 290 is almost 70$ more expensive...
If you can find 285 somewhere, it's basically 380. But I would go with 380 for all the features... Freesync, framerate target, etc...


So it will be R9 380 then. I think i can take a cheaper version Saphire R9 380 Nitro for 243$ with 1 year less waranty and no backplating. But i think the newer graphics will have better driver support in the future and new features are always nice ...
Thank you guys!

You can find the standard Turbo Duo for 229$. That's basically the cheapest option.
Check out Nikem and Sky. I trust those two and they basically give the lowest prices. Hl-eshop is also nice, but at the moment they don't have anything cheaper.

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Dude honestly get the 380 or 290. It is a huge step up from the 280. Completely worth it in my opinion.

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Lol meant 390

I have a Sapphire Nitro R9 380 4GB edition and it works great for the gaming that I do. I would highly recommend the 380 as it's a great card for the price.


Thank you for the suggestion, but 290/390 are too expensive to fit in my budget. I can make room for 290/290X or 390, but that means i must cheap out on other components ... which i don't want to. Even 380 is on the edge right now. I am not that much of a gamer to make such sacrafices :)

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May i know the rest of your PC and what store are you buying it from? There are possibility to switch the store, get a discount for the entire system and be able to get everything cheaper...
Or you just need a new GPU and a couple of new things and you aren't buying an entire new system...

GIGABYTE H97-D3H, H97, DDR III, VGA, DVI, HDMI, M.2 Conector, SATA Express, LGA1150

INTEL CORE i5-4460, 3.20GHz, 6MB, BOX, LGA1150, Haswell Refresh

COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Evo, s.All CPU, 600-1600 rpm, 9-31dB

KINGSTON 2 x 4 GB DDR III 1600 HyperX FURY /Black/

WD 1000GB 64MB SATA III Blue

SAMSUNG 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive 850 Evo /SSD/, SATA III

SAPPHIRE 4096M NITRO R9 380 4G D5 PCI-E 3.0


COOLER MASTER V650 Semi-Modular, 650W

Total: 1 774,82 лв.

I may change some things but basicly that is.

OK, Sky is fine... Nikem will give you a better price if you take everything together, but sky is pretty OK...
I have 3 main issues with this build.
1. 200лв motherboard. This is basically pointless.. I mean OK, but, you can either go with much cheaper board, something with B chipset to alleviate the price, or for that price go with actually Z chipset for the features...
2. I need to say this... There are way cheaper SSDs, that will basically give you the same performance. Example:
ADATA SP900 128GB... I have the 64 gig version, and windows boot from cold dead state to desktop in 11s. Yes, it's a slow writer, but you are not gona record stuff on it, or are you?... And is 30$ cheaper...
3. If i am not mistaken, this is Seasonic design, gold certified? Why exactly do you need the gold certification? It doesn't offer you anything more than bronce, accept for the 10W lower powerdraw. In Sky, the best PSU for the price, you can have is Fortron Raider...
Raider 650W Silver
I have issues with the case, but what the hell, if you like it... Just add some extra fans, cause it is coming with only 2.
However, with slightly cheaper board, slightly cheaper ssd, and cheaper PSU, the 380 will not be an issue... And you have just opened yourself for this:
PowerColor R9 290 PCS+

I have compared prices and sometimes in sky is cheaper, sometimes not. Depends on the parts. But i think i might find a way to purchase everything with a discount so i am not bound to any store. Will see ...

  1. I chose this motherboard for the better reliability, better audio and Intel Lan(which i think is best). Still considering cheaper options though .. i tend to use my PC-s quite a few years, so no upgrades coming anytime soon. Thats why i choose a better mobo. But still have doubts.
  2. Yes, this model is not bad considering it is a Crucial inside. Either that or BX100 will do it also. So no Samsung.
  3. No, it is not Seasonic. The previous V line was Seasonic, this is not. Still pretty good PSU-s. I am not fooled by the bronze/silver/gold thingy. I just prefer a verry good power output for my components, and quality parts, because we have some power fluctuations in our region. So just to play on the safe side. I am considerinf XFX 650W(Seasonic) also ... will see.

Atleast that's how i think ...
Thank you very much for the time and willingness to help me :) Much appreciated!