Help choosing AMD CPU + MB

So, I know next to nothing about AMD, and I would like to ask for some guidance.

I have an old Abit MB with an Athlon 64 x2 6000+. You can see my whole system in my profile, but it doesn't really affect what I'm looking for here.

The current CPU/MB combo aren't cutting it for me anymore, so I'd like to ask for some opinions on a good AMD CPU and a good motherboard to go with it.

I'd like to do some minor overclocking, but it would be used for gaming and general tech fiddling. I'm thinking I don't need an APU solution, but if there is a good reason to get one, I'm open to all advice.

My budget for this upgrade is right around $200, but if it can be less, that is always a plus.

Thanks in advance!

Well.. if you are upgrading your CPU as well as Motherboard then you will need to upgrade your RAM also. Anyways, this is what I suggest :

Updated the link with a better CPU instead.

You could get that, and hope to fuck the motherboard doesn't explode.

you wouldn't happen to be able to get to a microcenter store by any chance? they have some really killer deals right now, even by their standards of having really killer deals

He would need a new RAM also since his older build uses a DDR2 RAM.

This is the ~ $200 AMD MOBO/CPU combo I would pick:

I have DDR3 from a different build.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Are you saying that Sangheetkhatri's MB suggestion is less than desirable?

Thanks for the input!


Nope. There are zero cool computer stores around me. It is not awesome.

His suggestion is very good, i'm just saying you can get more by spending a little more. The motherboard I linked though, has only a 3 + 1 power phase and therefore might not keep the 8320 all too stable or at, at the very least, you won't be able to overclock with it. 

Ok, with all the advice as a starting point, I started looking at and comparing different combos. Here is what I have:

It is a bit over what I started at, but the 6350 seems like a big jump for $20. Am I missing something on that point?

Also, I like Asus as a company, and this board seems to be their best balance of price and performance.

What do you all think?

all of Asus's "LE" line suck

why you ask? poor power phase design. you're pushing it with a 6 core, go 8 core and you're bound to blow up the vrms

That board can't handle a 6350. The 6350 is just an overclocked 6300. BUT it uses 125 watts vs the normal 6300's 95. 95 can be handled on that board but 125 will fry it.

I see. In that case, would you recommend the 6300 and doing the OC myself, or is the 125W TDP worth the extra money?... so long as a get a suitable MB to handle it. What combo would you go with in a personal build?

Asus m5a99fx pro with any FX processor.

Newegg is offering this combo with the 6300, but the board has an FM2+ socket. How does that work?

AMD stuff is confusing, hahaha.

Would the MB be good enough for some overclocking with the 6300, or would it be best to avoid it altogether? Do you think it would be better to get a 6350 (with an appropriate MB), or get the 6300 and do the OC myself? Do you have any MB suggestions otherwise?

there is no FM2+ board that is capable of overclocking a 6300, which is the whole point of owning one... if you're looking at the FX 6300, get a Asus 970 or 990 chipset (R2.0 which is compatible with Vishera) and overclock it till it hz

If you overclock with the asus 97 is a good board but try it is the non le version