Help choosing a R9 270X GPU

I'm stuck between 3 R9 270x cards to choose from. I've looked at reviews for all three but can't seem to come to a conclusion.


MSI R9 270X:

Gigabyte R9 270X:

Asus R9 270X:


I really appreciate the help :D

The asus is slightly faster than the other two and I can say from my personal experience that the DirectCU cooler technology is really, really good.

it's a little bit more, but the msi hawk has been getting great reviews

also i'd get a 7870, same thing minus a factory overclock

Yeah its just a 7870 ghz edition,  if you could find a 7870 XT for cheaper i would go with that one, but that card will probably be hard to find.  From the cards above i would go with the Msi.

I'm manly going to be playing BF4, Minecraft, & DayZ

How's BF4 run on the 7870?