Help choose monitor

I want to get my first monitor. I have decided to get 1440p instead of 4k because 4k is new and cant get high refresh rate etc(also would require gpu upgrade). I have a evga gtx 770 classified and would like to be able to max out all setting and run at high fps(i know i may not be able to at 1440p but I may get another for sli or upgrade to 980ti). The use for my monitor will be gaming and normal use/media consumption.

I am looking into the asus pg279q (which was supposed to be out by now) and the acer xb270hu. I have been waiting for months now on this asus and I am growing impatient. I was wondering if I should just get the acer, but I have heard they had a lot of quality control issues. I also heard that they have been resolved by now if you get a newer monitor. I would greatly appreciate your input on this situation. I am also willing to hear other recommendation on other monitors etc. The money is not an issue really but i do have to justify the amount. I can get that acer for $720, so my price range is around that. Thanks for your input in advance.

Save up a bit more

Though it's free-sync, so you'd have to go with a 390, or an R9 Fury in the future for it. Or nvidia can just put in a bit of extra work and support adaptive sync as well =p.

Amazon stopped selling that acer because of its issues I would stay away. On amazon right now they even have a notation stating so:

acer xb270hu

I myself am waiting on two curved 34" wide screen 1440p monitors that should be out end of this month beginning of next to see what they are priced at and the feedback on them.

@Streetguru That's one of the two monitors I am waiting on.

Here's the other:

single GTX770 will not realy cut 1440p anymore with newest games today.
You realy gonne need a better gpu for that.

@MisteryAngel the newest game i own is watch dogs, but I plan on buying some games this fall/spring(battlefront, rainbow6, the division). Would it be able to play watch dogs at 1440p? if not will 1080p with max settings(all games past & future) still look really good on 1440p monitor until i upgrade gpu?

@Streetguru I dont think I can justify that price. I'm also looking to get 144hz and/or gsync. I like nvidia gpus so I think the monitors I choose would be better for my situation instead of the one you suggested. Thanks for the input though.

you can allways just try it.
Not sure if you have a 2GB or 4GB version?
I think that watch dogs might be a bit heavy on 1440p for a GTX770, especialy if its a 2GB version.

But you can allways upgrade the gpu ofc, and thats what i would recommend.

Sli GTX770´s wont make that much sense to be honnest, especialy wenn they are only 2GB versions.
Because you will become vram limmited anyways.

@MisteryAngel I have a 4gb version and would get another 4gb version or new gpu.

Hey, ever looked at the AMH A399U or Crossover 404K, and let the display upscaling work its miracle ?
Out of curiosity, Remember what Wendell once said : go big or go home.......
gaming at 60Hz is quite adequate, I wander sometimes, what is all the fuss around the frequency and not so much for the size and visual experience. (IMO)
Your budget is good for the AMH A399U......................
Can you get good results at 1080p ? (that is a determining factor in my suggestion)

If I get a new gpu it would be a 980ti.....should I get a 4k monitor then if I upgrade my gpu?

@maxcat I considered that, and I got convinced by the 144hz and gsync would be better. I am still willing to consider 4k and just playing at 1080p until I upgrade my gpu.....I also like to go big or go home. Thats why I was willing to spend so much for ips 144hz gsync. I just wanted ips, 1440p or higher resolution, high refresh rate, and possibly gsync.

I would like not having to upgrade gpu to save money. I feel like if I get a 4k monitor I would want to game at 4k. I would definitely consider getting a 4k if the upscaling would look better or equally as good as 1440p at 144hz w/gsync or close to it. If I get 4k which monitor would you recommend? I just want to plug n play( i dont want to have to overclock it or anything like that). I am willing to spend more to get the better monitor.

I would still go 1440P with a 980 Ti for higher frame rates and a smoother experience.

i would still recommend a better gpu.
980Ti would ofc be a great choice for 1440p

@MisteryAngel ok thank you for the advice.

@Evil_MOBO thank you for the input.

I have both the A399U and the 404K, they are both great monitors. I got them because Dr. House recommended I get both since I could not make my mind up and could suffer irreparable brain I Prefer the A399U for gaiming. The upscaling from 1080p is impressive. (IMO) and, as indicated before I am very fussy.
Running everything in normal mode, no OC is quite satisfactory, I am presently writing on the A399U at 1080p.
The upscaling engine works miracles.
The 404K is more on the tv side, I have the A399U, the 404K and a 42 inch 4k side by side, and the 404K behaves much much like the TV.

@maxcat thank you for the information. my gtx 770 4gb has run into no problems at 1080p and gets high fps. Now the question is what will be the better experience. The 1440p at 144hz gsync or 4k monitor(upsale).

being as none of us have the same two eyes I don't think there's a right or wrong answer to that question. It's a personal choice. What's more important, high refresh rates, or something else.....

To me that is a no brainier !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just think of the immersion of a 40 at roughly 35 inches, it is better than 3 monitors, and all your horsepower is going into one monitor. From what I read all those sync devices are no quite up to par with everything.
So.............most definitely 40

yes I agree, personnal choice is the final deciding factor; must be what you like.