Help Choose Budget Graphics Card For Girlfriend's PC

Graphics Card < $150.00

Im not too informed about the older graphics card 7700 series by amd and only know so much about the recent budget cards 600 series by nvidia..

I need to pick out the best card for my girl to play games like Aion, Fallout Series, Skyrim and Battle field 3 if im chilling at her place

im going to overclock the card myself and want best performance for the money, my suggestions are listed in the link below, if you guys have a better suggestion i will gladly appriciate it ^^

GTX650TI although youl have to choose the make :)

A 7770 or 650 Ti would be good, you could even max out games with them, especially when overclocked

You could also try this, which will be faster than both the 7770 and 650 Ti

If you could spend a little more, this'll help in bigger resolutions( 1080p gaming and above) and also future-proof a little more


There both so already maxing my budget at 150...i think i might be able to go for the 7850 1gb and at such a great price point, i think im might just order it tonight if i dont change my mind too soon ;)

ty very muches my good sir

Which one is best??????

id go for the sapphire version but then again im more of a nvidia user :)

one thing id make sure of thos is if your PSU has the connecters to power this card :)

i made sure of that ...750 platnum ;)


the 6870 is 15 bucks cheeper with i was just wondering if the extra cash on the 7850 is worth it, then again it burns less electricty right?

Yes, the 7850 consumes less power. Also, the 7850 runs very cool, so you can really push it( to even over 1Ghz, which can get you close or even with a stock 7870's performance). The 6870's performance is in between the 7770's and 7870's I believe, but sometimes the 7770 beats it. So if you can spend a little more, get the 7850.

I'd pick the Sapphire one, just because it has more fans, so you can push it farther

EDIT: I meant between the 7770 and 7850

Great! =D ..thanks everyone....thinkk someone is going to be very happy with their present and a gift that would keep on giving for the next 2-3 years until cross fire is needed :)

thanks guys