Help changing the way files are listed in linux

Hey, I'm looking for a way of getting the file explorer in linux (currently using nemo but I'm happy to try another) to ignore words like 'the' when listing things alphabetically. Does anyone know a way to do this?


afaik no filemanager does that out of the box, but you can always search in your file manager.. idk about nemo, but you should just be able to start typing and it will search, even partial and mid filename.

there may be plugins for some filemanagers that allow it, but ive not come across them

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I don't think any file manager does this out of the box. Its likely not something that's in high demand. If you have any programming background I think you could easily write a plugin for that or a patch.

On the other hand as arctis said you can just search. Most have a very good search functionality.

The other option is to not start files and folders with the.. And use the 'something something, the' convention.

Yeah. It's not really a big deal but I was just wondering if it were possible.

I was board so I wrote a script that will remove the first part of a filename of directory for nautilus, and it's not just for the work the. It will remove anything you enter from the beginning of a filename or directory and do a search based on what you entered. Then list the matching files/directories without what you entered and allow you to select one. When you double click on one or select one and hit ok it will open it.

So it removes crap you don't want at the beginning of a file name and it searches, and the window that pops up is also searchable, but only from the beginning of whats listed.

I only tested this on Ubuntu so I don't know if it will work elsewhere. You just have to add it to the Nautilus scripts folder and make it executable, on Ubuntu that's /home/USER/.local/share/nautilus/scripts . Then you get a extra right click menu called scripts, where you right click on the directory you want to search and run the script.

This script depends on zenity and xdg-open it's not really file manager dependent as far as I know.

script just don't copy line numbers --->

There is the not command common for all searches, and you can use wild cards for finding small words or phrases.

Those commands also work on Google.