[help] Change txt box color and facebook background color from white to a darker color

Hey I use a like 42' tv for my monitor because it does 1080p and is a large veiwing area so I can use my brainstorming program, my problem is that some friends sometimes crash on the couch and sleep and they go to bed earlier than I do.

I was wondering how to change the Facebook background and txt boxes as well as the file management windows background to a darker color so they don't have bright wihite blaring at them, I was able to do it on windows XP and under but it doesn't seem to work on win7, my main browser is firefox, and if possible the txt boxes on tek syndicate as well

so anyone know how to accomplish this?

I've been wanting to do the same.  Are there add-ons/extensions that could accomplish this?


I found this, but I haven't tried it out yet...


I've been using the windows magnifying lense and set it to 100% and hitting the invert button but its a hassle to have a gray site to switch the inversion options if I want to switch from white pages to black pages as black ones are inverted as well