Help Buying Basic Office productively Laptop – Budget - £300-£400

Hey all, I’ve been looking to buy a new laptop, my budget is £300-£400, I’m based in the UK – so UK based outlets / amazon etc.

So my requirements - Windows based – 10 preinstalled – not free upgrade (not sure if there is any difference).
I want to use it for Word /Email / Web browsing (4-5 open tabs) / photo management / YouTube / Netflicks etc.

No plan to play games.
No plan to use inbuilt speakers
Would like 15 inch screen
Laptop will always be powered from mains, so battery life isn’t important.

The Big one – I want a MATTE screen.

I’m having real difficulty identifying Matte screen laptops and I’m totally out of touch with budget laptop processors, i.e. what is good and what to avoid.

Help, links to good articles product suggestions all appreciated. Many thanks!! that is the laptop ive got decent for word and games not sure if its a matte screen its very reflective so might not be may come with win 10 even tho the one i got said is came with win 10 but cam with 8.1 got AC wifi 4GB ram 1TB hdd and a broadwell i3

Thank you, the problem I'm having is I'm seeing lots that I like, but the screens are gloss and shiny like you say. I think i'm going to write to ASUS and ask!

Not sure how you feel about Lenovo but they have quite a nice selection in that price range.

There's pretty much no difference whether the Win10 is preinstalled or not.
If it's got 7 or 8 (/8.1) pre-installed, and you really really want Win 10 then you can just upgrade to it. No big deal.
You can either upgrade it through Windows update OR you can grab the ISO, burn it to disc and do a fresh install to get rid of all the bloatware crap that laptops usually have some amount of. Google will help you.
I'd also look for a laptop with Pro version of Windows, not Home, especially if you're going to be upgrading it to Windows 10.

But, anyway. Here you go. Skinflint product/price comparison website. Amazing filters.
Helps with the black hole that is looking for laptops.. The maze of specifications is annoying.
Also if you find an interesting model and want to read reviews, is a good place to start (usually at the top in Google search)

The filters I selected are: non-glare LCD 15", Intel CPU + Intel iGPU and SSD (>120GB).
Didn't select Windows though, it's unfortunate it's not possible to select multiple OS in there.
So individually select the OS and see what's available.

And if you wonder about the SSD, even for office use, SSD is a nice to have feature and would be my choice.
Programs open up quickly and so on.. Productivity instead of waiting for programs to open up :D
And for office use, 128GB SSD is more than enough. And sometimes the SSD is a m.2 drive, so there's a spare 2.5" slot for HDD inside if you wish to add more storage down the line, like see below.

Like here's a really nice looking laptop in my opinion.
The HP Probook 450 G3 that's under 400£ incl. VAT with MATTE screen.

  • 15" LED backlit AG screen (1366x768)
  • 128GB SSD (also has the 2.5" slot for HDD)
  • Skylake Core i3
  • 4-8GB RAM depending on store
  • 4x USB, 1x RJ45 LAN, Intel WiFi (Dual Band AC3265 = b/g/n/ac 1x1 + BT 4.0)
  • Kensington lock, fingerprint reader, number pad(!).
  • Comes pre-installed with Win7 Pro 64bit (of course upgrade it to Win10 Pro if you so wish..)

Here's one with 4GB RAM and 390£ incl. VAT
Here's one that apparently has 8GB of RAM and just under 400£ incl. VAT. You might want to check with the store if the RAM amount is correct. If it is, damn nice price.

Here's a review of the Probook 450 G3