Help! Building my Gaming PC

Im looking to build a gaming PC that will run the latest games on the highest graphics possible, also i want the computer to be super fast and fast startup time, before i start im more of an intel fan the amd but open for suggestions,   

-Must be quiet, fast, COOL, budget is anything 1.5k to 3.5k 

Uses: gaming, surfing, movies, work, downloading, 


Motherboard - i want to be able to run atleast 2 graphics cards and 4-8 slots for RAM, i am leaning towards the asus maximus range

Cpu - either i7 4790k or the 4930k which one do you recommend for gaming and speed

ssd - samsung 840 or 850 if there out yet minimum 250gp but i want the fastest start up time i can possible get, if so is it worth getting multiple ssds and running through RAID?

Graphics Cards - either the 780ti or the titan i want the highest graphics possble i can achieve, is it worth going 2 in crossfire or just one, which do you guys recommend 780ti or titan, (also could you list the fastest model please)

Case- mid or full tower, i want atleast 3 optical drive slots and a very attractive looking case with a glass side panel, but one that will allow water cooling or mounts for all in one

RAM- atleast 16gb but i want fastest possible

Cooling i would like to cool both my cpu and my GPU/GPUS which is best a custom or all-in-one that can do this, i want it to have no noise at all, but i want cooling temps for overclocking ( ive never done a custom before)

Power supply - gold or silver grade which can run all my parts min 850watt preferably one that has cables that are plug in for minimum cord tangling and clutter.

Thanks guys  

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Really need more info ...

  1. whats your budget ?
  2. what are your main uses going to be? (gaming, movies, music, work, surfing, editing, rendering, watching the Tek ????)
  3. do you want it to be silent?
  • Speed is just a question of $$$ ... how fast do you want to go?

If you want fastest SSD performance  ... check out the OCZ PCIe cards

and I liked this Mobo ...

My budget for the pc is around 1500-3000 it really depends im taking my time to build it so buy part by part, 

Main uses Gaming, movies, music, some work, surfing 

silent is a must i dont want noise 

Here is about $1550 USD

here is closer to $2k that absolutely kills it ...

you can get the GPU to fit by removing unneeded drive bays

if it was me  ... I would cut a couple corners on the 2k rig and purchase some really good headphones!


Do you need monitors, keyboard , mouse, OS, speakers?


Yes i would like a g sync or 1440p, something that will give me the best visual experience when playing games


yes but not sure to go custom or all in one