Help building a pc for dad, might give him my GTX 970, looking for an upgrade for my rig?


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So I am in the Canadian market and I am thinking of upgrading my gpu since I will be giving my gtx 970 to my dad when I build him his work pc.

I am looking for upgrading my media and gaming experiences. Specs in my signature. I am hopefully thinking of upgrading to either 2K or 4K resolution with dual 1080's. My gtx 970 will be going to my dad rig when I build him one (I have my rma'd msi x99s sli plus mobo ready for his rig). When I built the computer most of my workloads were CPU heavy so that is why I had a gtx 970.

For cooling I have 3 x 120mm Noctua Linus Edition Fans running at 6v (i believe 6v since I am using the LNA). One corsair 140AF fan for exhaust running with there LNA. For the cpu its a kraken x61 AIO with 2 x 140mm Noctual Linus Edition fans (pressure optimized rad fans) as intake on the top. My PSU is a 1000W evga psu. Currently my thermals are shown as bellow.


Cpu Load (Simulation):

GPU loads:


So with the current information what would be the best move for me? Should I go titan x (pascal) :p


i'd wait for the 1080ti if i were you, and if not jump on one zotac 1080

4k can only go up to 60 atm and out of the box it's hitting 2ghz getting 40-60fps at 4k on the most demanding games out there. OC it a bit and minimum 50fps on max settings at 4k on everything under the sun should be achievable. after doing some research, the bios has a voltage limit and this is staying cool while hitting that limit, which implys it will be able to overclock even better when the new bios versions come out.

ofc this is all assuming you are gaming and not do other things with your gpu like mining or sacrificing it to satan.

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