Help building a computer

I am looking into build my own gaming pc around $600

what would you suggest for a build

Thank You

I would recommend this build here from Austin Evans -It comes to about $660, before rebates, combos, and codes and then $620 afterwards.

This is basically the same build as above, but with an improved motherboard and a better CPU, which should last you longer and not have to upgrade them unlike the method with Athlon X4 750K/cheap mobo where, in 6 months you have more cash you will just upgrade it.

I did a little shopping and came out with this

Is it good or bad, what should i change

I prefer Jetix's build more.

The R9 270x will perform better than the 660, btw.

I agree with Some tech noob, about the 270x out performing the 660, it's also newer and has some better features. Though i did realize i forgot to add the CPU cooler and the one you chose is great for the money and this budget!

Hyper 212s all around.  Great cooler for the price.

that motherboard won't last long with a power hungry 8350.  this would be much more reliable:

I also opted for faster RAM, a nice CPU cooler, and a modular PSU.

I accidentally bought the Asu. M5a97 le

I also want a cheaper gpu

The Asus M5A97 LE won't get you very far as far as CPU goes.

GPUs less than this price will have a large drop off in performance, but if you wish:

^ will perform a lot worse compared to the build I suggested earlier, but that motherboard can only handle up to a 6 core CPU(no overclocking either).  A GTX 660 can work for most games at around medium settings.

I wasnt really sure what was going through my head with the cpu and gpu at the time but ill stick to a fx6300.

Also Im trying to find a descent case and power supply thats not too expensive.  


I tried to lower the price on the build, and still have it work.  Your RAM was quite expensive(doesn't make a difference, really).  The Source 210 Elite is a great budget case.

Also, the CX600 is the same price as the CX500 right now.